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The U.S. to Europe 600 ammunition container 20 years the largest original title: military ammunition container shipped to Europe 600 20 years the largest military [global network reported on November 11th Global Times special correspondent Ding Lei in the United States] United States Army official website 9 reported that the U.S. military transport more than and 600 container ammunition to europe. This is more than 20 years, the largest one-time U.S. military transport ammunition. Ammunition is mainly available to the army and air force, has arrived in Germany on the 29 of last month, Nolden Hamm port, and transported by train to the German military warehouse. United States Army military ground deployment and distribution command is responsible for the transport of weapons Brad ·, said: "the transport of more than more than and 600 containers of ammunition, the meaning of the special. We will continue to strengthen our presence in Europe, which will help to dispel the doubts of our allies and contribute to the common defense of europe." Reported that the ammunition not only let the European allies to relax, but also enhance the army’s combat readiness level in europe. In Europe and the United States military commander · Hodges said that the purpose of the move is to deter, we have 1000 tanks in Europe, if we do not have enough ammunition, there is no deterrent effect. This is another example of America’s commitment to security and stability in europe." Responsible for the regulation of the ammunition transport Corrigan said, because of the transport of ammunition both air force, but also the army, transportation tasks require a number of departments to vigorously cooperate. Hodges said that in the ammunition transport process, the German support is particularly critical, Germany in another way to contribute to our deterrent action". Corrigan also revealed that this batch of ammunition will be part of the warehouse, and then shipped to the United States in various military locations in Europe, paving the way for Europe’s military exercises or possible future tasks. Hodges said that at the beginning of the month, U.S. Army Europe vehicle missile system more, infantry fighting vehicles equipped with 30 mm gun. He also said it would deploy anti drone weapons in Europe to counter potential threats from russia. The United States reported Fawkes news 9, said Russia is increasingly elusive, in the past few weeks, the Russian warships to the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea at the same time, they will move nuclear missiles to Poland near the enclave of Kaliningrad, sent bombers to Cruise off the coast of Western Europe. As a result, NATO is speeding up the deployment of military equipment and thousands of troops to the Baltic Sea and Poland. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章:

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