Media how hard – Sohu news criticized Zhou Yongkang Xu Caihou’s 100 year old Admiral

Zhou Yongkang Xu Caihou: the media criticized the hundredth will have multi – Sohu from news 28, director of the CMC Zhang Yang Political Department issued a letter of congratulations, congratulations will usher in Shouzhi 100th birthday. In fact, long before the letter of congratulation, Gulou District of Nanjing city and the road of the community has been bustling to Shouzhi living. The Rockets, the eastern war zone, the Nanjing military region and other units of the aftermath of the leadership, as well as the generals of the old men who have come to visit him in Nanjing. The picture, a hundred years old to the old hale and hearty. He insisted on reading newspapers, watching over the years "news broadcast", read the news on the Internet, but also the first time to study the central spirit and the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, to the party organization actively offer advice and suggestions, every year to ordinary Party members thought report writing. Familiar with the old people say that his mind is more active than young people. Xiang Shouzhi was born on 1933 in Northeast Sichuan, Daba Mountain, just over 15 years old joined the young pioneers, picking up Hong yingqiang. In 1955, Shouzhi was awarded the rank of major general in 1988, was awarded the rank of general. Because determined to push our missile career, he changed his name to "Shou Zhi" to "morishi". Just to participate in the revolution, the young pioneers to Shouzhi served as representatives to speak, he said: "the Communist Party is our Savior bitter child, we always go to the party!" This sentence, he practiced for 80 years, from Shanliwa, to honor a general. For eighteen years in a huge discipline "tiger", to Shouzhi is showing an old Party member, the old soldier’s sense of justice. In 2015, he accepted the "Liberation Army daily interview at Zhou Yongkang, Xu Caihou, words unusually harsh:" Zhou Yongkang, Xu Caihou and others to abandon the faith, betray the flag under oath, go to the party and the people on the opposite side, disgraceful!" In the face of relentless criticism to Shouzhi unwholesome tendencies. So hard confidence, from his own excellent political quality and loyalty to the party. "The section not be vertical, not too large, he used the 10 words to describe the conduct of Party members. Zhou Yongkang and Xu Caihou engage in a small circle, maiguanyujue contrast, the general always put on the party and the people’s interests above personal honor, with practical action interpretation of what the real loyalty. In early 60s, returning to Shouzhi from Nanjing higher military academy, he served in the military Party committee to recommend district chief of staff, the organization also specifically sent to understand the situation. Just as he was ready to return to the old army mettle when it received the command of the army corps commander of the appointment of Xi’an Artillery College dean. One side is promoted when the military chief of staff, while the Corps is horizontal transfer start empty-handed when the president, who is more important, the general has also taken into account. The face of the decision in the organization, he made the decision to set up a national strategic missile forces, in urgent need of builders, facing the crisis forces adjustment and reform, not only to consider their own future development, but also to have overall heart. "Army first rule the school, I thought it is the motherland’s interests above all else, I would like to go to when the Pathfinder and stepping stone! At the beginning of this year in the "Liberation Army daily.相关的主题文章:

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