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Two migrant workers believe that the police did not help his Taoxin to lock in a dog inside – Sohu News China Daily News in September 17th, when pay talks to the police, but did not feel rushed to the police in accordance with their own ideas to help themselves, angrily, two migrant workers had locked the door to the police in a yard in 20 minutes after another, until the police come to the rescue. Please pay by the police handling the dispute "off" 20 minutes of the incident in September 15th at 5 pm, Shaanxi north of the city of Xi’an caotan a domesticated dog inside, two workers pay talks due to a dispute with the boss, dialed 110. Soon, the police rushed to the scene to the police, two people about the workers’ salary should reflect the problems to the labor department, if the case constitutes, the labor department will be handed over to the public security department. However, the police explanation did not convince two workers on the police to leave, two workers tried to stop the police leave, the door lock will keep the dog field, killing two police police shut in. The police station to help the police in another 20 minutes later arrived at the scene, rescue trapped police. According to the Public Security Bureau Weiyang caotan police officer Lee introduced the two workers to work in the field with the dog dog, the boss have labor disputes alarm, "the number of wages actually involved is not high, a 1000 yuan, another 3000 yuan." Lee police officer said that after the two alarm, he explained to each other on the phone, and sent the police rushed to the scene, intended to explain the policy to the two person, did not expect such a thing. Two people were criticized for education, police remind adults should be rational police, after the incident, the two workers were taken to the police station, made a simple record, criticized the education. Taking into account the two workers act excusable, police intend to humane law enforcement, not only does not deal with two workers, also called the dog field boss mediation, dog boss commitment, two people can choose to leave work, also can choose paid leave. Police warned that migrant workers owed wages, should be calm and rational maintenance of their rights, to avoid excesses. You can report to the local labor law enforcement, law enforcement officers of the labour department will help coordinate and solve problems, can also be a labor dispute arbitration institution for arbitration to go around, if it refuses to accept the arbitration award, but also to enforce the prosecution, the people’s court; if the lawsuit money, also can apply for exemption of litigation fees. In short, with the help of the government, the law, to get the due reward. China’s "criminal law amendment" clearly stipulates that the crime of refusing to pay labor remuneration standards, criminal constitution, criminal responsibility, etc.. If the boss carrying wage fled, hiding property case, workers can report to the local public security departments, public security departments to assist the recovery request. Appear to constitute a crime of malicious wages and other conditions, the labor department can be handed over to the public security departments in accordance with the law, intensify the crackdown.相关的主题文章:

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