The woman was too careless 30 thousand cash lost bus driver picked up after the timely return 江西蓝天学院改名

The woman was too careless 30 thousand bus driver picked up the lost cash returned in November 17th 12 am, Hefei 303 bus driver Li Hancheng in Anhui grain College Station cleaning the car and health, found a woman in a black bag on the back seat of the car, the package built with 312 hundred dollar bills. Li Hancheng hurried to the station on duty bag wearing hands, and do the registration. According to the driver Li Hancheng introduced to the station, and he put together the webmaster counted, there are 31200 yuan, and ID card and a ten thousand yuan passbook. ID is a foreign woman. In order to find the owner as soon as possible, a webmaster will reflect the matter to the deputy general manager of the company Xia Yanping, hope the company through the bus hotline to find the owner Lee Xiang Bin. 13 pm the same day, the owner rushed to the 303 Station Road, that was the bus driver picked up the bag, inside a lot of money, Ms. Zhang was relieved, excitedly holding a master hand, thanks again and again. 40 year old Ms. Zhang 17 days from his home to see my sister in Hefei, take bus 303 to thirteen in the temple, due to carelessness, get off accidentally bag forgotten in the bus. Get off after ten minutes, just lost a bag. I quickly went to the end of the road 303 with sister station search, but was eventually picked up by the bus driver. (Editor: He Feifei)

女子太粗心3万现金丢公交车上 驾驶员捡到后及时归还   11月17日12时许,合肥303路公交车驾驶员李翰诚在安徽粮食学院底站打扫车厢卫生时,在车后排座位上发现一个女士黑色挎包,包内装有312张百元钞票。李翰诚赶紧将挎包交到当班的戴站长手中,并做了登记。   据驾驶员李翰诚介绍,到了站房,他和戴站长一起清点了下,里面有31200元钱,还有身份证和一张一万多元的存折。身份证是一名外地女子的。   为了尽快找到失主,戴站长将此事反映给公司副总经理夏艳平,希望公司通过公交李祥斌热线寻找失主。当日13时许,失主张女士赶到303路站房,得知挎包被公交驾驶员捡到,里面的钱一分不少时,张女士悬着的心终于放下了,激动地握着戴站长的手,连连道谢。   40岁的张女士17日从老家来合肥看望姐姐,在乘坐303路公交车到十三里庙时,由于粗心,下车时不小心将挎包遗忘在公交车上。下车十分钟后,才想起来包丢了。于是赶紧同姐姐一起前往303路底站寻找,所幸最终被公交驾驶员拾到。(责任编辑:何菲菲)相关的主题文章:

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