Zhaodong woman stabbed the landlady from the 6 floor dead girl had been suffering from mental illnes 无限挑战121013

Zhaodong woman stabbed the landlady from the 6 floor dead girl had been suffering from mental illness in the District 16 days morning 9 pm reporter once again came to the scene, the district has restored to its silence, in front of the baby falls unit location is still can see clear blood, corridor walls, floor, handrails on the body can see the left female homeowner after injury blood mark. A neighbor of the building introduced, 19 am ready to go downstairs, heard upstairs some noisy, then a woman shouted "come ah!"! Come on!" I thought I had a quarrel with my neighbor, so I didn’t care. When I came home a little later, I realized that something terrible had happened. On the left wall of the door of the incident 601, there are several words marked with sharp weapons, written on the word "Liu Moumou dead room, other day". "I didn’t see these words before, and I found out this morning. I don’t know who wrote it for revenge. The father of the baby girl was told by his husband. The incident area "I married my wife for nearly two years, the wife of 24 years old, living in Bayan, daughter just 9 months.". This house is my mother-in-law, the house is half a room. I rented one of the rooms a day ago to a 28 year old woman who heard that she had just divorced and had an operation." However, it was the woman’s next move that made the family say nothing. "The 13 day I go to work in the field, 14, my wife holding a child came to mother-in-law home for the holidays, more than 8 at night when suddenly my wife calls, said the child was dead, he was stabbed." Suddenly, the sad news by Mr. immediately felt unable to understand and accept, 15 early morning, quickly rushed back from the field to Harbin. Through understanding with his wife, when the incident, the wife holding a child and renting a woman at home, renting the woman said he was divorced, just finished abortion, here finished confinement moved away. "She asked my wife, husband and wife was good, I say, she asked the wife to mobile phone text messages to her, then don’t know why the rental woman picked up the scissors stabbed his wife’s body, all my wife can only break away, went downstairs to call for help. When the wife came home, she heard the neighbor say she threw something upstairs, and then found that the upstairs threw it down to our children." Speaking of the time, by Mr. very sad. According to by Mr., the daughter of the autopsy results show the head, chest, back multiple scissors Pierce, his death. That night, the police arrested a woman in a hotel near the house, but the police said that the woman had a history of mental illness, the case is under further investigation. "I was crawling out from her, barefoot ran downstairs, then the head body is blood, I went downstairs to go to the supermarket, then go to pharmacies by phone, call my mother, my mother came back to the front of the unit, has found the child lying on the ground…… I don’t know if she’s psychotic or not. I don’t know why she did it." The incident has been two days, the tragedy that happened in Ms. Bai’s home has been lingering in her heart, lingering. At present, the suspect woman has been arrested by the foreign police branch of the major team, the case is under further examination.

肇东女子捅伤女房东从6楼摔死女婴 曾患精神病 事发小区   16日上午9时许记者再次来到了案发现场,小区内已经恢复了往日的宁静,单元门前女婴坠楼位置仍能看到清晰的血迹,楼道内墙面上、楼体扶手处、地面上还能看到女房主受伤后留下的血滴印记。该楼的一名邻居介绍,19时许准备下楼的时候听到楼上有些吵,随后一名女子大喊“来人呀 !来人呀!”,当时以为是有邻居吵架所以没有在意,等稍微晚些回家的时候,才知到发生了这么惨的事。   在事发601房门左侧墙面上,有几个用利器划上去的字,上面写有“刘某某死亡房别日”的字样。“以前没看到有这些字,今天早上才发现,不知道是谁为了报复写的。女婴的父亲由先生讲。 事发小区   “我与妻子结婚近两年了,妻子今年24岁,家住巴彦,女儿刚刚9个多月。这个房子是我岳母的,房子格局是一室半。前几天刚把其中一个房间租给了一个28岁的女子,听说她刚刚离异,还做了手术。”然而,就是这名女子接下来做出的事让家人说什么也想不到。   “13号那天我出门去外地打工,14号我妻子抱着孩子来到岳母家准备过节,晚上8点多的时候,我妻子突然来电话,说孩子死了,自己被捅伤了。”突然其来的噩耗让由先生顿时觉得无法理解和接受,15日一早,就急忙从外地赶回哈尔滨。   通过和妻子的了解得知,案发时妻子抱着孩子与租房女子在家,租房女子说自己离婚了,刚做完流产,在这里做完月子就搬走。“她还问我妻子,和丈夫关系好不好,我妻子当时说好,她又让妻子把手机短信给她看,随后不知道为什么这名租房女子就拿起剪刀猛刺妻子的身体,慌乱中我妻子只能破门而逃,下楼拨打电话求救。妻子返回家时听邻居说楼上扔下个东西,后来才发现楼上扔下来的竟然是我们的的孩子。”说起当时的经过,由先生十分的痛心。   而据由先生讲,女儿的验尸结果显示头部、胸部、背部多处被剪刀刺穿,坠楼致死。当晚警方在家附近一处旅店内将租房女子子抓获,但警方表示行凶女子有过精神病史,案件正在进一步审理中。   “我是爬着出门的,挣脱她后光着脚跑下楼了,当时头上身上都是血,我跑到楼下先是去了超市,又跑去药店借电话,给妈妈打电话,我妈赶了回来到单元门前,发现孩子已经躺在地上了……我不知道她有没有精神病,不知道她为什么这么干。”案发已经两天,发生在柏女士家的惨案始终萦绕在她心头,挥之不去。   目前嫌疑人女子已被道外公安分局大案队抓获,案件正在进一步审理中。相关的主题文章:

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