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Don’t always take the suspect "graduate schools" that Jing Yaping original title: don’t always take the suspect "graduate schools" that "on the morning of February 11th, after the Dengfeng Municipal Public Security Bureau for four consecutive days of full investigation, Dengfeng City, Daye Town, female college student Jing Yaping lost a case solved, confirmed that Jing Yaping had been killed, the police have arrested the suspect Dongmou Dong, confessed to the crime at present, Dongmou has been detained by the police, the case is under further investigation. According to reports, the suspect arrested Dongmou after graduating from Nankai University in Tianjin, who served as the second teacher of Daye Town, Dengfeng, convicted of raping more than female students sentenced to life imprisonment, more than 10 years later released from prison. This is a sad news during the spring festival. However, this message was disseminated on the Internet in the form of "Dengfeng lost female college students killed, suspects graduating school rapist". From this fact there is no error, but in a person has since graduated from the University for 10 years, also "graduates" as its "identity" to highlight, enough to see the social existence serious "school complex", the school as one of the "identity label". The school ID attention, usually lead to a school’s attack, and the school students of the school’s reputation, "defend" the attention of the case itself, leading to slobber war boring, in recent years, the research of China University of Political Science and Law, Fudan the murder case of teacher student vote drug trafficking, have faced similar problems, a student behavior, has attracted the students and alumni of the school teachers and students questioned, that the so-called "school". This will undoubtedly cause offset concerns in the event, tagging and consequent slobber war, dispelled the meanings – Xiong Bingqi (scholars) editor: Huang Rui SN224

别总拿嫌疑人“名校毕业”说事 景亚平   原标题:别总拿嫌疑人“名校毕业”说事   ■ 来论   2月11日上午,经过登封市公安局连续四天全力侦查,登封市大冶镇女大学生景亚平失联一案告破,确认景亚平已经遇害,警方已抓获犯罪嫌疑人董某,董某对犯罪事实供认不讳,目前董某已被警方刑事拘留,案件正在进一步审理。   据报道,被抓获的嫌疑人董某在天津南开大学毕业后,曾任登封市大冶镇二中教师,因强奸多名女学生被判无期徒刑,服刑十多年后出狱。   这是春节期间一件令人悲伤的消息。但这则消息却以“登封失联女大学生遇难,嫌疑人名校毕业系强奸犯”这样的形式在网上传播。这从事实上看没有差错,可是,在一个人已经从大学毕业10多年之后,还用“名校毕业生”作为其“身份”加以突出,足可见社会存在的严重的“名校情结”,常把毕业学校作为一个人的“身份标签”。   而对学校身份的关注,通常还会引发对某一学校的攻击,以及这一学校学生对本校声誉的“捍卫”,这就把对案件本身的关注,引导到无聊的口水战中,近年来,中国政法大学发生的弑师案、复旦发生的研究生投毒案,都曾面临类似的问题,一个学生的行为,引来社会对全校学生以及校友的质疑,以至于学校师生发起所谓“护校”行动。   而这无疑会造成事件关注点的偏移,在标签化和随之引起的口水战中,消解了事件本身的意义   □熊丙奇(学者) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章:

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